The Startup Lab: Program Participant (Health or Finance Tech Startup)

Durham, North Carolina, United States

Dan Ariely's Center for Advanced Hindsight (CAH) at Duke University is now accepting applications for its third cohort of the Startup Lab, which begins October 2017. Application deadline is June 30, 2017 at 5pm EST.

Health and Finance tech startups with a keen interest in applying behavioral insights to their products and exploring original research opportunities in collaboration with our world-leading researchers are invited to apply. 

The CAH studies how and why people make irrational and suboptimal decisions and works to translate academic research into applicable lessons that are accessible to all. The Startup Lab expands on this mission by providing startups with access to behavioral economics education and resources, supporting the application of social science research to their products, and enabling the execution of scientifically rigorous experiments. With the ability to leverage behavioral economics in their business decisions, startups have a greater potential to develop products that powerfully impact the way their customers form habits, make decisions, and interact with digital tools.

The CAH is looking for startup teams of 2-4 who are willing and able to be in Durham, NC for the duration of the program (October 2017-June 2018). Startups are assessed on their fit with the CAH's mission to understand human decision making so as to help people make better decisions for their health and financial wellness, and should have an intense curiosity about exploring research and learning to do research related to their solution.

In addition to our core program offerings (BE and research application!), accepted startups will receive up to $60,000 in investment, office space at the CAH in downtown Durham, and connections with the CAH's ecosystem of field experts and mentors.


For program details and investment structure, see here.

Inquiries about the application or the Startup Lab program may be directed to Rachael Meleney at

 *Please note that the application form may not allow you to save your progress and revisit later. Be mindful so as not to lose answers in-progress. 

Apply by June 30, 2017 at 5pm EST.